Monday, January 7, 2008

The Prologue

Well hello.

Possibly the worst introduction ever. Lemme try again.

Why, hello!

A bit more chipper but not quite there-ahh forget formality and I'll introduce ya the way I learned in Texas (bluntly). My names Chris (Charlemagne) and I have a Jeep (The Sarge). Together we cause mischief and mayhem in the sleepy town of Pearland TX. I'm a senior this year, and as such I've decided it's high time I get to bloggin'.

Whoa, nearly forgot to set the timer on my pizza rolls in the oven. That would've been sad.

So it's a new year, and a new semester, (and 23 days until my birthday!) and the possibilities are seemingly endless. I have to admit, I was let down by the winter weather this year. It can't seem to make up it's mind. Today it is overcast, 76 degrees, and windy. But I digress, on a more interesting note, this is the last semester of my high school career (the first time I heard someone refer to it like that I laughed, now.....not so much) and I'm really excited.

Take for example my christmas break. I've done surgery with the Sarge, gave him a bath, been to parties galore, slept in until 3, finished half the Physics 8.012 course from MIT OpenCourse, tinkered with inventions, drawn some pictures, spoken to various companies about alternative fuel, camped in Cuero, played with my new Wii (named after the sound you make playing with it) and found out that I really like shooting pistols and American Gladiator. Yea, I'm a bit of an odd kid.

So my attitude going back to school is illustrative. I can't wait for calculus (NERD), and also spring break in Hawaii (COOL). I'm excited about the second set of 8.012 (NERD), and working out in the gym (COOL). So I am in equilibrium, as everything else in the universe according to physics. I must be conserved, for every cool object there is an opposite and equal nerd object that brings me balance.

Well that appears to be quite a hello indeed. I'm delighted and excited about this blog and the rest of my life, and I could spend pages rambling about everything, but my pizza rolls are done!


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