Sunday, September 14, 2008

Awesome=Picasa + Google Earth + iPhone 3G

Finally, I've been able to use one of the neglected (at least for me) features of the iPhone. The ability to make use of the geotagged metadata. (if you just said "huh?": a) you're cooler than me and b) it means the gps tags the location of where you took your pictures.)

Luckily Picasa has the ability to interpret that data, and google earth communicates with Picasa. I couldn't be happier with the results, check it out:
That's a view of pearland with my pictures overlaid on top of their locations, and it's really accurate. It's a surprisingly cool feature that really brings your pictures to life when you look at them, they no longer appear as fragments of memories, but together as one cohesive picture, like a giant memory quilt (that's the only analogy I could think of).

Check out this other one from Boston:
Super cool. I plan on utilizing this feature extensively. (i.e. I'll do this instead of pset -_-.... )

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Dimitris said...

cool!! can i do this with pc too? visit and promote my blog *PLEASE*