Thursday, May 1, 2008


Quick background:
I once had my teeth knocked out by a pipe, and when I went to the dentist, he was an idiot. I wrote this poem about the experience. Enjoy!

"the story of the retarded dentist done in the style of Dr.Seuss"

there once was a dentist
or so he claimed to be
though after my visit
i cant say i agree

through forests of papers
inquiring who where and why
mothers maiden name?
I fill out with a sigh

at last i'm seen
though thats about it
i wait in a chair
frankly its bull-well you know

a 10 second x-ray
and the dentist reveals
i'm imagining the pain
it just can't be real.

well that cant be true
i say im in pain
though i suppose he knows me
better than my own brain

he says he could fix it,
but decides that he will not
i think he's got dumb
i think he has a lot

so i leave the poor man
i pity him thats true
for it must be hard to live
with the I.Q. of a shoe.

To another dentist I'll go
though before I do
im tempted to play a round
of quaint peek-a-boo

Goodbye retard dentist
I'm tempted to shout
and add "dont forget"
"its breathe in then breathe out"


Charlemagne said...

Im typing this on an iPhone.*sigh*

Keri said...

'sup, yo -

I had to edit your comment on my Roast post (sorry), since admins don't/shouldn't know about meat market. That said, I'm excited that you went. What'd you end up paying for?