Friday, May 23, 2008


So today we got our yearbooks, and I immediately flipped to take a look at all the senior pictures. I'm scrolling through the list and I see "Lauren Miller" "Taylor Mills"

Wait, WHAT?

My yearbook FORGOT ME

They apologized and refunded the price and everything, but still. That's incredibly disappointing. Now I have to make little picture stickers of myself to give to everyone. This sucks.


Karen said...

that happened to me last year - not the picture thing, but i wasn't in the index.

funny thing - i was dating the editor-in-chief at the time. friends in high places will get you nowhere.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO sorry! Their one goal in life...their publish a yearbook...and they forget your picture...your Senior picture! NO excuse for that! I'm SO sorry this happened to you!
I must say tho...the pictures you ended up with are awesome. You should make some extra money this summer by taking pictures for the upcoming seniors...think of the cash you could make toward those MIT expenses.

Paul said...

...they left you out and all they're doing is giving you a lousy refund?

=/ That really sucks, Chris.

Bethany said...

OH NO!!! I'm sorry chaz :( Well, surely you're in the yearbook in other places, right? You can just write in your name where it's suppossed to be when you're signing other people's yearbooks and add "see page 64" or whatever.