Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Theory of Everything

i know it's been a while since posting, we're in the heat of AP testing. But I wanted to take a second and reveal to all who may be reading that I believe strongly in the Unified Theory. If all of the universe has been created out of a singularity such as in the Big Bang, then all the matter would be infinitesimally close together, and thus there could be only one governing force within it. Every other force must then be derived from this one force that ultimately governs the universe. A cosmic Constitution if you will. Sort of a rant, but it's an interesting topic for discussion if anyone feels like commenting.


Paul said...

I don't know much about primordial physics, and this question has probably been probed by much more brilliant minds than mine...but are you proposing that this "unifying primordial force" is one of the existing/known forces (gravity, electromagnetic, strong-weak) or an entirely novel force?

Paul said...

Also, I think what you just wrote was more of a micro-rant. Just some food for thought.

Karen said...

i think that you secretly are going to be a course 8-er and finish the noble work of unifiying all of physics.

i'll contribute by doing your bio and chem homework so you can graduate on time, if you help me with 8.01 and 8.02 :)