Friday, June 20, 2008


Hokay guys, another little snippet of a blog. Check this out. So I bought a laptop right, and it's nice, does all the stuff I want, ( 3Gb ram, Intel Duo core, Nvidia for you fellow nerds), but the speakers just aren't very loud. I am a bit of an Audiophile, so crappy sound sort of bugs me. But I'm also a big nerd, and realize that there are ways to do whatever you want with electronics. So looking at my audio deck I notice that the tape recorders are collecting dust because, well, this isn't 1985.


hey, I could use the tape deck channel as an input from my laptop.

hmm, but how? the only output I have is an 1/8th stero jack for headphones.

So I head off to Fry's to get a long stereo jack ($3, awesome!) and some solder and I head back home. I carefully crack open the tape deck and take a look on the inside. Heat sinks, motors, all sorts of crazy stuff, then I find what I'm looking for, the stereo out. Cut off the end of the wire I don't need, solder the leads in place, drill a hole through the case and BAM now my laptop has 5.1 surround sound in my room. Movies are epic, YouTube is legendary, iTunes is phenomenal, even Pandora sounds fabulous. Greatest mod so far.

MIT here I come!

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Paul said...

You will be taking them to MIT, yes?