Thursday, June 26, 2008

An update, a funny quirk, and a challenge.

So the lack of school (and an interesting summer job this year, boo recession) has made for some interesting opportunities for me. (side note, did you know I never spell opportunities correctly the first time? I always spell it oppurtunities for some reason) Most of this summer I've spent doing things I never deemed important enough, or had enough time to do before. I'm trying to absorb as much Texas as I can before I leave (Which luckily means a lot of BBQ), but I'm also reading books. For fun. which I haven't done in a whi--- "Chris What books are you reading?"

Ok, way to interrupt. That's rude, this is my blog, but since you insist:

The Big Over Easy-Henry Fforde (Not a typo, his last name has two F's right next to each other)
Catch-22 - Joseph Heller
The bell jar - Sylvia Plath

So with that, my librarian thinks I must be a violent sociopath.

Have you guys seen this?

Oh I almost forgot, my challenge!

Ok, do you see that little map off to the right? the one with little red dots on it? that's the number and location of pings to my blog I get. (Note the big dot in Massachusetts, that's doubtless the fault of Paul and Snively)

So heres my challenge. Link to my blog, send it to people you know who know other people in other countries, I want worldwide representation. You can do it, I know you can.

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Anonymous said...

The Big Over Easy is by Jasper Fforde.