Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fool's

The "Whimsical" (some would say mean) side of me loves April Fool's day. In years past I've had great pranks (balloon taped to the tire of dads car; he backs up, it sounds like the tire pops, hilarity ensues) and I've had....less.... great ones (note to self: do not pretend to come out of the closet for April fool's day.) This year was no exception, with a few friends and I plastering the local Chinese buffet with "Have you seen my cat" posters.
But as thought-out and epic as I try and make each years prank, I have to salute the fine folks at Cracked. To sum up, they called Judge Joe Brown with a fake case, and actually made it all the way on air. I've embedded the video for your entertainment:


Bradshaw said...

Huzzah! Congratulations on MIT, you. (I'm late to the party, I know, and apologize). Perhaps we'll stumble across each other next weekend sometime--although I sort of doubt it, since I'm not going to be around for the full-on program since I have to transition over to HMS. BUT!



Hope calculus has treated you well.

Bradshaw said...

Thanks for letting me know about the comment settings. I think Blogger, which somehow ate at least four other posts, truly hates me. That, or despises mathematics (probably an indicator of true intelligence, that).

I doubt we'll run across each other. I'll be doing "graduate stuff" and you'll be doing "undergraduate stuff"--as if there were a real difference, pah--and I am having to cut my visit short on Friday evening to walk down the street to visit HMS.

In any case, if we did meet, we would clearly have to play Charades. Yes. Love me, love my idiosyncratic taste in entertainment.

Anywho, I should go find my cell phone. It runs away from time to time, and despite my love of being inaccessible, it's more disturbing than you might think since I also don't have a house phone--thus I am convinced I will fall, break my hip, and nobody will hear my screams. So, yes, tralalalala.

Be a good boy now.

Bradshaw said...

Ha, I am made of fail. I thought I fixed it, but realized I hadn't. It is fixed now, but I suppose that doesn't do you much good.

But at least you know have closure, regarding my openness to comments.


Bradshaw said...

Well, two things: (1) I feel a little weird carrying a conversation over Blogger when no one else on your blog is (bastards), and (2) while I appreciate the comment on the music, they're HARDLY anywhere close to my best stuff. I was going to put it up there, but the MySpace Music site has been a bitch the last few times I've tried.

Alas, it seems MySpace is not only filled with but run by 13 year olds. *sob*

Viva said...

"note to self: do not pretend to come out of the closet for April fool's day."

HAHAHAHAHAHA! how long did that rumor hang around for?