Sunday, April 20, 2008

Look at the horse!


Michael said...

Oh. My. God.

I just lost faith in humanity

Bradshaw said...

I am vaguely certain I saw you last night, Mr. Mills. Unfortunately, I was so consumed in my own petty dramas with my research group and paper publishing, and you seemed largely engulfed in groups of people, that I did not bother to introduce myself (Even though, if I am correct, I think you probably stood right next to me at one point or other).

Plus, I just kind of suck at social situations, and I am bothered by walking up to people I've never met and asking if they are X when really they are Y. Quite a problem, you can imagine, from your calculus studies.

On the other hand, I did reintroduce myself to Kim Pierson, although only because I almost stepped on her in the parking lot.

So--sorry if my awkwardness prohibited a conversation (from what I'm told, my conversations are awkward, but at least amusingly so, perhaps it balances out). I am rather self-conscious, and I certainly meant no offense to you in the process of awkwarding it up.

Good music, though, if a little Sugarcult-ish.

Bradshaw said...

Well, huzzah, then, indeed!

I'm glad my social dysfunction was finally put to good use, and I wasn't "that guy" who randomly asks people in large groups if they're such-and-such. And I did indeed see your Facebook mentioning some 48-hour work weekend, so I suspected the likelihood was slim (what, pray tell, requires 48 hours, anyway?). Perhaps we aren't destined to meet! Oh, how I weep.

As for the script (or scripts, depending what you read), you're a silly boy.