Saturday, April 19, 2008


Ok loyal readers/stalkers (viva, I'm talking to you). I note that there has been a huge lag in posts, as you may have theorized this is because I spent a week in Boston. (Note to self: Going to Boston is better than going to school) Unfortunately, despite wearing my MIT hoodie, my school won't let me just stop working, so I've had piles of make-up work to do since I got back. I don't even understand it, it's almost like some huge joke, like all my teachers decided to have a test or a packet on the days I was gone. No joke heres what I had/have:

*Physics E&M packet
*Physics Mechanics packet
*Physics video notes for 3 videos.
*Calculus chapter 12-6,7,8 and chapter review out of the book.
*Calculus test over convergence tests (ewww!)
*Calculus AP Test practice packets 1-7 (each has about 50 questions)
*Government Test
*Government essay since I missed the socratic seminar.
*Comp-Sci Test
*Comp-Sci algorithm packet
*English research paper over Robert Frost
*English test over literary devices.

whew! so the good news is that I finished that last one in a day, because it actually wasn't that hard. I'm glad it's done though, because I needed that half p.e. credit to graduate. It would be a shame to have my admission rescinded and go to summer school because of a stupid p.e. credit.

BUT other than that being a second semester senior is awesome. For example, yesterday we found these vintage military flight suits in our theatre class (we don't do anything in there.) so we did what any rational person would due. We put them on, stuffed them full of pillows, and had a sumo wrestling match. If I can find pictures my friends took, I'll definately put them up.

The art auction was also yesterday. It was a great success, what a wonderful show of support from our community. Two of my pieces went for $100, and $80! Since the charity that we're donating to (World Vision) gives gifts such as chickens which are $15. That means I just gave some village ...*asks savant*... 12 chickens!

If you're interested in knowing how my week in Boston was, check out my CPW blog. It should be finished by the end of the week along with the guest entry for the MIT website.



Michael said...

Chop chop!

viva said...

hurry up with the CPW blog already...! :)