Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ok, if you have never heard of please please please please take this one piece of advice from me and check it out. I know (or at least suspect (or at the very least hope)) that a lot of people who read this blog are my friends, and generally fall into the young-ish category. As such, i believe that many of them probably don't use personal finance software like quicken or microsoft money. I've been working on my budget and finance stuff all day, and the final piece for me was some software to keep track of all my spending information. I looked at a bunch (Quicken, Microsoft Money, Moneydance etc.) and very nearly settled on Quicken Starter 2008 (very good, I may end up getting it later anyway) when I stumbled upon (not the website...)
In a nutshell it shows all your accounts informations including spending habits, budgets, etc etc that all the big programs do, in addition to making suggestions to how you can save more money by suggesting relevant deals or coupons etc. It can compare your spending with certain companies versus the US average and has support for investment firms as well. Basically, it can make managing money incredibly easy and wonderful, which is a useful skill to have. Best of all?

It's free.

Go check it out, I fully reccomend it, and give it a solid four out of four roaring Leonidas's (Leonidi?)

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Michael said...

I think your iPhone timeline might be a little, um, off. So, I'll assume that you're getting one at 8 AM just like everybody else, that you're currently in line, and that you'll do nothing tomorrow but play with it.

Also, good news, the jailbreak is already out! Have a good time GPSing yourself and playing with iTunes and your new $$$ toy.