Friday, August 8, 2008

Bye Bye Beardie Part 2: The New Hairdo

I try and rhyme as much as possible. But as you may or may not have known, I no longer have a beard, and now I no longer have long hair. Check it out:


Jeremy said...

Ahah, you've conformed with me and Karen! It's about time!

Charlemagne said...

Karen has a soulpatch?

Why didn't I hear about this.


Jeremy said...

hehe, very funny. When do you leave?

... wait, I'm going to facebook for that one, srry, I'm so blog irrelevant!

And I hate these word verifications! They should at least make it so I can tell the difference between "rn", and "m". I fail at life.

Edie said...

Ahh! This looks a lot like the Chris Mills I met sophomore year. Except with the new thingy on your chin.

Anonymous said...

I approve of both your hair and the fact that the title is ALMOST "Bye Bye Birdie".