Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mexican, Babies, Delays, Sponge, Cake, Crowds, and Bed Bath & Disaster.

Ok guys, I know you've anxiously been waiting, clicking refresh on my blog, eager to read what I have to say about MIT. Let me be brief, and honest:

I am home.

But more on that later, here is more of a chronological description of how and when things happened:

Thursdays are crazy days for me (err, they used to be). I tutored two (horrendous) children Thursday mornings and then usually spent the rest of the day in Silverlake hanging out with friends or what have you. This particular Thursday was different because my going away party was that night, so after tutoring, I high tailed it over to Misty's house to start setting up for our party. The decorations were pretty awesome, we went to a party MEGA STORE known as Arne's where they literally have anything you've ever thought about.

Exhibit A: Obama and McCain masks.

Sadly, we passed on those masks and opted for balloons instead. we? oh right I almost forgot, Misty is going to Emerson so we decided to have a joint party.

Party was fantastic, all the last people I wanted to see and say goodbye to were there, and there was this awesome cake.
It's like eating art.

I got some really cool presents (drinktionary, excellent cologne, hand-made MIT mug. I repeat HAND-MADE) and then I got some.....well...surprising presents (let's not talk about that). I got home late Thursday night and was too distracted to finish packing, and instead I slept.

Friday was my last day and the day Kim left so it was all sorts of crazy, physically, emotionally, can't-find-freakin'-boxes-ally, the works. I had one huge box with all my stuff in it, only to find out it was too big to ship so then I ended up using a whole bunch of smaller boxes. I also discovered that if you roll your shirts tightly like a sleeping bag, you can fit WAY more plus they don't wrinkle.

After all the packing, my family went out to dinner one last time. What did I eat you ask? Did I take a picture? Better my friend, I took TWO! And made a panoramic! Behold:
mmm. Delicious!

delicious fajitas and citrus tea. With my belly full, my bags packed, my suitcase stuffed, and my contacts taken out, I was ready to leave.

Saturday was my travel day, and I hate flying (flying coach anyway.) Thank God I had the Watchmen (Thank you Kim! That's not transitive though, Kim is not God). No joke my flights were full of babies with cries timed on par with a wet fart on match point at Wimbledon. I nearly choked one. Arriving in Massachusetts though I met Snively downstairs and we took the MIT shuttle back to campus. I'm ready to move in to my dorm, but oh no! the key to the key room has been lost. (Ironic nay?) Snively and I ate dinner at Anna's Taqueria on campus, I bought him a cookie, and moved in. Good Day.

Everything on campus is closed on sunday, which means I had a fairly uneventful day until that night where I rode the "T" to Boston Common and saw Tropic Thunder. Raunchy, tasteless, offensive, and totally hilarious. (I should write those review quotes they play on commercials). Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant.

Monday: Busy day for me today, I had to drop of my forms with MIT Medical, go to Student Financial Services to make a withdraw for my dorm stuff, deposit two checks, and go to Bed Bath & Beyond. Look how much I walked:

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Dang. There was a mix-up at Bed Bath and Beyond so instead of showing up and getting my boxes of stuff, I showed up, and the manager had to print my shipping receipt, confirm my name, look for boxes, can't find them, try a different name, call the store I registered with, print out content list and shop for the things himself. He said it would take 5 minutes. It took 48.

but I'm back in my room with all my stuff, happy as can be. Tomorrow I'll post about my dorm. Simmons Hall!


Oh so you're left unfulfilled by that post, yearning for more? Ok, well since you insist (and because I love to talk about how cool MIT is) did you know MIT has an entire mobile website for folks with iPhones? Check out the pics:

You can access anything you'd ever want: Shuttle schedules, maps, phone numbers, ANYTHING! and since MIT has campus-wide WiFi, you can get it anywhere! (I heard that the entire 18.blah blah IP band spectrum is owned by MIT, meaning they own 1/256th of the Internet!)

I just found these pictures of the last trip I took to the beach, and figured they belong with this "last stuff" enjoy:


Michael said...

Yup, 18 is ours!


Jeremy said...

Wait, how did you know I always keep clicking the refresh? Also, do you know if the mobile network works for the iTouch as well?

Anonymous said...

...Tropic Thunder. Raunchy, tasteless, offensive, and totally hilarious. (I should write those review quotes they play on commercials). Robert Downey Jr. was brilliant.

I saw it last night and got carded! I liked it a lot--it's up there with Dodgeball and other movies I'll be quoting forever. It was worth it to see Tom Cruise cuss some guy out and then do a pimp dance. XD