Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Meteors and the Blue Screen Of Death!

so I was going to watch the meteor shower tonight (quick anecdote: I love meteor showers, though that shouldn't surprise you. I'm a nerd. I'm going to MIT) and thus prepared myself by sleeping as much as possible during the day (in other words, not changing my daily habits at all) and downing within 10% of the lethal dose of caffeine before leaving. I had a pickup truck (this is texas after all), blankets, pillows, and a red flashlight to keep my night vision from deteriorating. I'd even used a tool online to find the closest, darkest spot in the sky to watch the show from. Everything was set up to be an amazing display of the Perseids, and then:



Damn. I tried watching for a little while just to make sure, but you can't see a blessed thing. Oh well, theres always next year.

Since I've been up and scourging the internet though, I found this picture and nearly laughed myself silly (I blame the caffeine).
Some of you may not recognize that that is the Olympic "Birds Nest" Stadium. (Anecdote #2: I think it's the most hideous piece of architectural crap I've ever seen). Others may not even recognize what is so remarkable about that photo. But look closely.
OMG! It's the windows Blue Screen of Death! AT THE OLYMPICS! Guess one of the computers couldn't do it's one job right.



Jeremy said...

That's both pathetic and amazing at the same time!

Anonymous said...


lulu said...

i deplore your taste in architecture.