Tuesday, August 5, 2008


you know what's weird to think about? Leaving home in 11 days. I had this discussion with some of my friends leaving to different corners of Texas yesterday, and it got me thinking:

What is home anyway?

I mean for most people it's probably where you grew up, and where you're family is, but when does it change? When does somewhere else become you're home?

I think home is less of where your family is and more of where you feel happiest. Like when I move off in 11 days, I don't feel like I'm leaving home, I feel like I'm going home. I feel like I'm going to be incredibly happy in Boston. I'll miss my family, sure, but I'll come to visit them. I'll go visit my family, but my home will be in Massachusetts now. Thoughts anyone?

P.S. Hurricane Eduardo came in this morning. For those unfamiliar with Texas Geography, I live pretty close to Galveston, which was right in the middle of the projected path, but Eduardo didn't even make it to Hurricane status. It was Tropical Storm Eduardo (that's a lot like being the 5th string linebacker on the crappiest football team in existence.) It's barely even rained here, it's pretty lame.


Jeremy said...

I agree, home is where you FEEL at home. I've been in limbo since I got into MIT (can't go there yet, but I no longer belong here). I've been waiting this whole year to go off to my new home No offense to my family or anything, every teen tends to feel the same way about leaving. I guess it's a tad different for me though, because I live an hour away and can visit or check up on my brother any time I like.

Woot for MA!

Anonymous said...

Your home almost definitely will become Massachusetts - it does for all - or at least almost all - students. You can't imagine how weird it is coming home =).

But that's part of growing up - establishing a new place for yourself. Separating from your parents and living your own life.

Noelle said...

"that's a lot like being the 5th string linebacker on the crappiest football team in existence"

Nice analogy. I remember we got a day off of school for TS Ernesto about 2 years ago, which was like a baby sneeze over S. Florida.