Saturday, August 2, 2008

August and water foutnains.

August is here, and with it I bid goodbye to my last full month in Texas. It's closing in so fast, two weeks are flying by like nothing. And what have I been up to lately? Well for one our sleepy little town in Pearland, TX is growing up to be quite a little suburb. Exhibit A is the Pearland Town Center which just opened this past Wednesday. It's an outdoor mall reminiscent of the shopping strips you find downtown or along the beach, anchored by Barnes & Noble, Macy's, and Dillards, with a Courtyard Mariott and above-retail apartments, our town is growing up pretty dang fast. Pearland Town Center by .imelda.

Walking around is nice, it's pretty and there was free red bull!

No no, they asked to take a picture with me!

but I did notice one strange anomaly. While walking around Gamestop, showing off my Guitar Hero abilities, I saw this:
Hmm......does that seem odd to anyone else? Water fountains in the middle of a store? Not even in Texas.

Other than that, I went and saw my friend James show last night at the Alley Theatre downtown. He wrote it, and it was put on by professional actors, and it was FANTASTIC. By far the best one there. No doubt he'll do great things at NYU.

MIT in exactly 14 days.


Jeremy said...

The bubblers look really weird there actually. It would really amuse me/bother me if I went into the store with those there. Looking at them, I would probably thing "wow that's kinda funny looking" but as soon as I'd want to look at something in that corner I'd probably be thinking something along the lines of "wow, these things are really invasive!"

Paul said...

Oh Jeremy, when will you learn that they are not bubblers. They are water fountains.

(And for the record, it's pop, not soda. :D)

Jeremy said...

Or is it tonic?