Sunday, March 30, 2008

AP Tests

I have my own room for Physics C. Dialogue went like this:

AP registrar- "Ok just sign here to indicate you are taking this test"

*indicates blank sheet titled "Physics C"*

Me- "uhh am I the only one?"

AP registrar-"well, this is the last day for regisration, so...probably"

Me-"Does that mean I get an entire testing room completely to myself?"

AP registrar-"Yes"


So I guess my AP physics classmates are afraid of the C test. But I am not afraid, I have Walter Lewin on video lecture! I'm going to do wildly irritating things to my test proctor, like change seats after every question, or talk to myself loudly during the test, or listen to soft music whilst I write, and leave immediately after I finish. With no one else to worry about, I can do anything! I'm going to bring a lazy boy to take my test in. Rest assured, it will be epic!


new age scheherazade said...

so what stuff do you have on the Physics C test? I could give you a few 'Plans', if you know what I mean. :)

Viva said...

ahahaha that's hilarious XD

Karen said...

good luck fitting a lazy boy through standard-size school doors :)