Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Beach

Wow, it is neck-and-neck in my poll, a solid split! What will I do? I can't buy half an iPhone!

Coming out from that false importance (and my supreme jealousy of Snively....don't ask, he knows why....) I know you all were wondering "Chris? where are you? how can I make it through my days without your opinions on absolutely everything?" Well it's been a crazy past few days folks, and I'm here to share with you all the laughter, the tears, the beach trip.

Ok, a bit of prologue. My best friend in the known universe (and theorized to be so in 13 abstract dimensions) owns a beach house, and thus several times a year we make trips out there to get away from it all. The only problem is that Galveston Island is well....gross. The currents in the gulf carry the silt from the Mississippi right into Galveston, so the water assumes this disgusting opaque brown look. Great for farms, less for swimming. I wanted to establish that before you all send concerned emails that I'm a disillusioned youth swimming in an industrial park, because I know thats sort of what it looks like. Anyway, pictures:

This is what the postcards would have you believe galveston looks like, put on your reality glasses and compare that with what you see from my trip.

These are Baby Jellyfish. They look sort of like gelatinous ice cubes, but they're jellies!

For those of you who aren't near a beach, and maybe don't know what this beautiful thing is, it's a Portuguese Man O' War and it can kill you. Yea, beautiful and deadly.Just like (joke omitted for fear of being called misogynistic)

Live barnacles. Aren't they neat?

That's me in the red hoodie. That's Misty, my best friend not facing the camera. So then that night we drove into town to buy a firepit to roast hot dogs and marshmallows.


Here you can see me eating two s'mores in one mighty bite. Note that my hands are black, that's because I'm going to MIT. Let me explain. I got out of the car and was elected to make the fire because I'm most qualified by virtue of being accepted to MIT. The charred wood made my hands black. I couldn't tell in the dark, it only showed up when this photo was developed.

The next day included lots of sand sculptures, including:
Worlds tiniest sand castle (That's my foot for reference!)
Misty's "Screaming Head" aptly named.

And I buried that girl and gave her gnome feet.

The next day we went skim boarding.
That's me, skim board king, looking all cool.

The next day we drove into town and saw a ferrari

Artists Reproduction

The woman in the cars age can be modeled by the equation a(x)=sqrt(x/3) where x is the drivers age in years. Yea it was nasty.

Shortly afterward we loaded our stuff up and headed home, good times.

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Shruthi said...

The Portugese Man of War is positively deadly!!! Nice... I rather liked the sandcastle. :)