Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hooray Farmers!

This looks terrible.

That picture was the first thing that came up when I googled the blog title. Gross. Good thing it's unrelated, what I'm really happy about is Farmer's Insurance. If you scroll a few blogs down you'll see that the Sarge and I were involved in an accident which has left him wounded. Today the claims adjuster came out to assess damages and give me a check. I did some preliminary research for how much it will cost me to fix my car. You ready?


yup that's all it costs for a new fuel tank, the sad pieces of metal that serve as a bumper can just be hammered back straight and nothing else is broken, just scuffed. So the claims adjuster comes by and after his assesment he gives me the check:


HOLY SMOKES! That guy felt the need to replace EVERYTHING that was in any way scratched, bumper, exhaust, EVERYTHING. Plus the estimated labor (which I'll be doing myself). So in the end, I made $902.33 for being in a wreck.

Not too bad.


Anonymous said...

I got in a wreak a few years ago and got pretty hurt and ended up getting a stomach infection and almost dying because the doctor was dumb. Anyway I got a huge sum of money and I will be using it to pay for some of college. If I get into MIT I might consider getting in another one to pay for it :P

Shruthi said...

'Not too bad' ? :D You're being very modest arent you? :) So how is Sarge now?

P.S - I came to see this blog through Snively's blog.. Again...

Karen said...

my first wreck was when i hit a parked car - my dad tapped out the bumper and painted over it, and all was fine.

my second wreck was when i hit a jaguar - $4800 worth of damage to him later, i wish i had your luck! :)

found you through justin, who found me through snively, MIT hopefuls unite! :)