Thursday, March 20, 2008

DHL Freight, phone calls, and iPhones

Ok, since the iPhone dilemma is an ongoing and raging debate (or at least for my ego's sake I pretend it is) I've included a poll in the margin to your right. Funny story actually, I spent this morning writing up a little java applet to do it, and I just finished only to realize that blogger includes a poll as one of their options....xD oh well, their's is better anyway. I think I'm going to keep this poll as a running theme, as in I'll change the poll from time to time and you'll have a way to voice your opinions on such important issues as, whether a beard will increase my manly magnetism (alliteration-zing!) or just make me look like grizzly adams(Fig.1), or other such things. One important thing to note is I can't change my carrier (as much as I'd like togrumble....Cingular sucks!....grumble
Last night I received my phone call from Maddie (yay!).
She's pretty cool, but since she's lived up north her whole life, she was unable to offer me much advice as far as what to wear so as not to freeze to death. But other than that she was very helpful, and recommended I check out the Burton Conner bunch, which I may (read:will) do.
Ok. I've decided for over a week now to blog about fixing my car with photos, dry-witted humor, a real blog party. Problem is, my parts haven't gotten here yet, even though I frickin' FREIGHTED them here over a week a ago. Sorry, had to express that frustration. Anyway when they come, expect a wonderful blog about it, until then I'm going to the beach! I'll be back Saturday!

P.s. For those of you who don't stalk the MIT blogs, I was first on Snively's post about tours
! I still think it's dumb to try and be first, or second etc. but since the oppurtunity presented itself.... don't look at me like that, it's not hypocrisy, it's....celebrating and trying to understand an alternative belief to my own =)


Karen said...

it's neck and neck on your poll - 1 to 1 :)

Shruthi said...

Oh dont worry. You arent a hypocrite. I understand ;) And get that iphone!! :D

Best wishes to the Sarge of course!!

Viva said...

no beard.

Edie said...

Nope. I mean, I might go... but I have to hear back from the gagillion other schools I applied to, as well as look at the money matters.

The merits of NOT having a number-one-college-I'd-die-to-go-to...

And personally, I hate beards. They're scratchy. But hey... whatever suits your fancy.

Justin said...

I vote yes on a beard :P. Maybe like a chin strap or a goatee or something haha. I've been thinking about it myself too :P

Michael said...

You talked to Maddie!? HA! Awesome! I was sitting right next to her.

Yes, definitely come hang out at Burton-Conner, you won't regret it.