Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Sarge

EDIT: ^The Sarge, for the uninformed.

Well Sarge has seen better days. Up and running for about 3 days following a faulty Distro cap and then:

SQEEEE! SMASH! BOOM! HISS! and other onomonapeia!

Rear-ended. (I found out the text message I sent to people "I just got hit by a car." was unintentionally misleading, and probably disappointing for a few.)

Lucky for me, here in the Lone Star State, if you ever hit the back of someone, ever, for ANY reason, it's automatically your fault. So I got the phone call, and yup his insurance is taking full responsibility. Plus, the settlement check is more than it cost to fix my car, so in the end, I guess it's not too bad. So Sarge should be up for another tour of duty by spring break.

Speaking of Spring Break, what am I going to do? No UIL means a week off for the first time in years, so I'm really at a loss for what I'll be using all this free time for. Also I hope I'll hear back from MIT about my admission decision.

Speaking of admission ("speaking of" is the only segway I know), I was reflecting about how hard I've worked on my application* and in general how much I look forward to going, and I constantly waver between feeling complacent with my application, and being a nervous wreck about it. Like the graph of y= 100Sin(t)/t as
t->0 the amount of variation increases exponentially, until finally, when that moment gets here (in 19 days according Snively-damus) it's undefinable.

Will it be joy? will it be disappointment? we don't know. (L'Hopital says it will be 100 but that doesn't really help us here...) Anyway, enough math jokes for one day. I'm off to work out and go to bed.

*supplement video included for your entertainment


Michael said...

Dead video . . .

Karen said...

i greatly appreciated your l'hopital joke :)

Anonymous said...

Did u really include this with ur application to MIT?

Charlemagne said...


Yep, I really did.